Saturday, April 18, 2009

vision coming to life repeatedly

Last night, Dawn and I were invited by the Mayor to attend a fundraising event for the Arts Commission of Hoschton. This commission is doing everything they can to develop and launch an arts community within Jackson County. It was a great time to just hang with Dawn and marvel at how beautiful she is, especially when she is pregnant.

As we were walking up to this historic house in downtown Hoschton, it became very clear that every person of influence was present at this event. Beer, wine, sweet tea and good food were served while a silent auction was running. As Dawn and I made our way in, we were overwhelmed with how many people we knew and with how many knew us. Over and over, throughout conversation, New Community was lifted high with praise and appreciation.

When Dawn and I moved here to start NC, we knew we wanted it to be a church (movement) that loved people without strings attached...with no agenda...just the big and safe love of Christ. As we mingled, ate and talked, we were seeing this vision played out right before our eyes. This town, these people love NC because of who we are and who we represent. It is a beautiful thing.

This wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the people of NC. Everyone of YOU make this happen, day in and day out. Your generosity allows me to be in the community and your volunteerism and selflessness, has a reverberating effect all through Jackson County.

As always, i am proud to be your leader and i am stoked about what God is doing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter @ NC

What a day it was on Easter. People just kept coming in and coming was amazazing. I have to give a shout out to several groups of people. First, to all of you who invited friends...YOU ROCK. Most of our guests were from personal invites...way to go. Second, All of our volunteers that made Sunday happen...YOU are the best. So much preparation went into getting ready...and by 10 AM, we were ready. Third, everyone who gave to the Easter Offering. THANKS for getting us close to the goal your generosity is overwhelming.

Here are the highlights from the day:

  • 445 in total attendance!
  • More volunteers than ever before...55 people serving.
  • 8 people indicated that they wanted Jesus to be the leader of their life.
  • We received $9800 toward our Easter Offering Goal of $15000
  • Over 50 first time guests with the families and kids
  • Parking lot team launched and did a fantastic job
  • We added a toddler environment and it was packed.
  • 43 elementary students in the GARAGE...96 NC Kids all together!

So, i am still on cloud nine. I am so proud to be your leader and i am thrilled with what God is doing @ New Community. Let the good times roll.