Wednesday, January 27, 2010

on the verge

so, new community is on the verge of becoming a church of multiple services. crazy. this sunday, we will test drive our new two service plan so that we can work out all the kinks and make sure our plan worked the way we envisioned it.

what's so amazing is that we have had 70 families committ to moving to the early, 9:15 am service. UNREAL. These families are making room for more people in our later service that first time guests will most likely check out.

I feel the same way that I did, the week before we launched NC in 2007. excited anticipation for what God is going to do...about what is ahead...about lives that are going to be changed with the big and safe love of Christ.

and we are rolling out a teaching series that will push hard on the status quo. "religion poisons everything". This series is going to set us up to make significant strides forward as a faith community and as the individuals that make up our faith community.

so, pray for God to move. pray for God to bless. pray for God to reveal. pray for God to draw those who need a safe place to connect.

bring it.

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