Thursday, January 5, 2012


I grew up in a culture that said, "quitters never win and winners never quit". It is funny how little phrases like that stick with us throughout our life. However, it's not so funny that these words shape how we live our life everyday. Simply put: Quitting is hardly ever an option we choose willingly!

Why: Because the words, I QUIT, are riddled with emotions that express: Failure, Defeat, Guilt, Shame, Awkwardness and Worthlessness.

What if the words I QUIT could actually mean something entirely different? What would happen if the words I QUIT became a part of our everyday vocabulary? What if this DAUNTING phrase, could take on a whole new meaning that speaks victory instead of defeat?

This coming Sunday, we will launch a series that will potentially change the ENTIRE TRAJECTORY of your year...maybe even your life.

I am fired up about the next four weeks at New Community Church. I am fired up about how many lives will be changed. I am fired up that many of us will take next steps. I am FIRED UP about saying I QUIT!

Will you join me? EVERYONE is WELCOME.

with the big and safe love of Christ...

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