Monday, November 8, 2010

Detoxing-week 2 of Sabbatical

So, many of you have noticed that i have lost a few pounds. You have either seen me or you have seen my status update each time i hit a goal. Since July, i have been implementing a weight management system that has allowed me to loose weight slowly and effectively. One of the the things that have have taken last month, was a "Detox" pill. It, in so many words, strips out everything unnatural in my physical body, metals, chemicals, toxins. Even though my weight loss has slowed down, I feel so much better. Physical health is a wonderful thing that i have been taking for granted far too long...

...this has been the case for my spiritual journey as well...taking it for granted and not paying attention to what is actually going on within me. This sabbatical is a DETOX for me spiritually.

I am heading in to week 2 and usually after being gone for a week of vacation, i know that Monday comes and i get to go back to what i do. Lead New Community.

It is Monday, and I am not. I am sitting in a coffee shop in Gainesville continuing my Detox from New Community. And what a Detox it is. This analogy is a good one, and can can be compared to someone coming off of drugs. I know...crazy talk.

After being gone for a week, and knowing that i will not be back until December 1, I have realized that for the last 4 years, NC has been the drug of choice for me. She has consumed me, my thoughts, my love, my life. Coming off this drug is HARD. It is difficult, but I know that it is God's perfect timing for me, my family and HIS CHURCH. God needs me step back and realign with what his scriptures teach. God, Family, Work.

It is a difficult thing to process when you realize that what I teach from the stage is not what I have modeled and lived in my life. Thank God for GRACE and for the Holy Spirit reminding me of my DEEP NEED for IT.

Week 2 will be interesting. In 40 minutes i will be slinging burgers at the Grill while standing by my friend Jeff Worley. Jeff led a church for 8 years, never took a break, never detoxed. I believe with all of who I am that God allowed his family to land a NC so that I could hear his story and take heed. May I never take my role in my family and my church for granted ever again.

Praise God for his patience, grace and mercy...detoxing hard...but the alternative is worse.

I love you my friends. More to come on Pride later this week.

Grace and Peace...

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Stephen said...

great transparency bro, been missing you!